COVID Closures and Cancelations Feel Like a Flashback to 2020

Restaurants shuttering. Parties canceled. Our vaxxed and relaxed summer isn't shaping up quite the way anyone hoped it would
mask mandate los angeles

Masking Indoors Will Once Again Be Required in L.A. County

Details are still emerging, but public health officer Dr. Muntu Davis announced the renewed health order on Thursday

Officials Lay Into ‘Selfish’ Unvaccinated as the Delta Variant Fuels a Spike

As L.A. County sees five consecutive days of 1,000-plus cases, local leaders are stressing that getting jabbed will put a damper on the Delta variant
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Amid a Bump in COVID Cases, There’s Fear L.A. Could See a Summer Surge

While "breakthrough" cases among the vaccinate remain relatively rare, the number of unvaccinated people in the county is cause for concern
drop in coronavirus cases new stay at home order los angeles mask shopping covid

L.A. County Is Recommending that People Go Back to Wearing Masks Indoors

Health officials are making the suggestion as the highly transmissible Delta variant spreads
drop in coronavirus cases new stay at home order los angeles mask shopping covid

Starting Tuesday, Vaccinated Californians Can Lose Their Masks Almost Everywhere

California mask rules change when the state reopens on June 15. Here's what you need to know before the big day

California’s State of Emergency Will Continue After the Big Reopening. What Does It Mean?

Gov. Gavin Newsom's critics are painting it as a power grab, but keeping a state of emergency in effect isn't necessarily out of the ordinary
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Does Being Vaccinated Get You More Dating Matches?

Dating apps are giving singles incentive to get their shots
california reopens

Here’s What to Expect When California Reopens on June 15

On Friday, the state outlined what it will look like when things (mostly) go back to normal
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Do Movie Theaters Need to Do More to Get People Back in Seats?

Some experts say big promotions could get Angelenos back off their couches, but it just might take the right films