drop in coronavirus cases new stay at home order los angeles mask shopping covid

Starting Tuesday, Vaccinated Californians Can Lose Their Masks Almost Everywhere

California mask rules change when the state reopens on June 15. Here's what you need to know before the big day

How Doctors and Patients Alike Came Around to Ketamine

The psychoactive drug was once a last resort for people seeking relief from depression, but it's becoming a more common therapy in Los Angeles and beyond

California’s State of Emergency Will Continue After the Big Reopening. What Does It Mean?

Gov. Gavin Newsom's critics are painting it as a power grab, but keeping a state of emergency in effect isn't necessarily out of the ordinary
vaccinated dating

Does Being Vaccinated Get You More Dating Matches?

Dating apps are giving singles incentive to get their shots
california reopens

Here’s What to Expect When California Reopens on June 15

On Friday, the state outlined what it will look like when things (mostly) go back to normal
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In L.A. County, Getting COVID After Being Fully Vaccinated Is Extremely Rare

Data suggests that just 0.03 percent of fully vaxxed county residents later tested positive for the coronavirus
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Do Movie Theaters Need to Do More to Get People Back in Seats?

Some experts say big promotions could get Angelenos back off their couches, but it just might take the right films
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Trans During a Plague: The Pitfalls and Unexpected Positives of Pandemic Life

For some in L.A.’s trans and gender-nonconforming community, the COVID-19 pandemic presented an opportunity. For others, it complicated an already fraught experience
drop in coronavirus cases new stay at home order los angeles mask shopping covid

California Will Keep Its Mask Guidelines in Place Until June 15

At least one L.A. County official urged the state to align with the CDC’s relaxed guidance, but the nation’s largest nurses’ union called for caution
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The CDC Says Fully Vaxxed People Can Ditch Their Masks—but Are They Ready?

The adjusted mask guidelines are getting mixed reviews from a wary populace