The Essential Movie Library #14: Seven Samurai (1954)

Seven Samurai was the biggest movie the Japanese film industry had seen until that time, and the studio believed it had a disaster on its hands.

Iris Apfel on Iris

Albert Maysles' documentary starring the 93-year old style icon hits theaters today. Spoiler alert: it’s not a film about fashion

Celestial Demon

Robert Downey Jr. grew up in the crosshairs of show business and bohemia. His father was an “underground” filmmaker in the ’60s (when the underground implied revolution in the...
L.A. Archetype

L.A. Archetype: Foley Artist

Thud! Pop! Thwack! Listen closely to hear the sound effects created by John Roesch

Tangerine Director Sean Baker Takes on Slab City in His Newest Short Film

The film stars model and actress Abbey Leo

Out of Step with Movie History

A look at La La Land, today’s Singing in the Rain
corey feldman documentary

At a Chaotic Screening, Corey Feldman Debuts His Doc About Hollywood Sex Abuse

In the film, Feldman repeats the claims that Charlie Sheen raped late actor Corey Haim

Two ’90s-Era Hip Hop Films Revive L.A.’s Rap Glory Days

Straight Outta Compton and Dope recall a time when west was best

Abuzz in the Drone Age

Despite some high-flying yahoos out there, L.A. is witnessing the rise of a kind of commerce as people enter the field of remote-controlled aircraft

The Playboy Mansion

The owner of one of L.A.’s most filmed properties turns 89 today