The Movie Lover’s Guide to L.A.’s Classic Theaters

Forget the multiplex. Here are some top-notch venues that have history to boot

The Essential Movie Library #65: Caché (2005)

Michael Haneke directs this thriller story of a Parisian family who receive videotapes to their home from a mysterious source documenting their banal daily activities.

On the Menu at Sundance: Jonathan Gold Talks City of Gold

The food critic explains why he agreed to make this film and says “anonymity was sort of a dead concept anyway”

The “Spectre” of James Bond’s Car

The biggest news is what 007 is driving in his upcoming movie
Frye Fraud Hulu Netflix Fyre Fest Documentary

Both Fyre Fest Documentaries Have Issues (but, Yeah, We’re Obsessed Anyway)

Following the money and methodologies of Netflix and Hulu’s competing films

The Essential Movie Library #32: Stalker (1979)

Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky’s “stalker” longs to be a holy fool if only he can find the faith in this spellbinding film that visually unfolds in steampunk sepias and inky miasmas.

5 Things You Should Know About Kelly Rohrbach, Baywatch‘s New Bombshell

Rohrbach will play C.J. Parker (a.k.a. Pamela Anderson) in the upcoming film adaptation

Dial “O” For Obsessed: How The Director Of The New “Hitchcock” Biopic Brought Alfred—and L.A.—Back To Life

A killer Alfred Hitchcock biopic brings the legendary director's L.A. haunts back to life—with a few twists.

The Essential Movie Library #26: Heat (1995)

Heat prowls a city that has no respect for either interiors or exteriors, where walls are as transient as everything else.

The Trailer for Trolls is a Bizarre, Trippy Dance Party

Also, it lacks a plot altogether