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Even a “Hollywood Boycott” Can’t Stop Johnny Depp’s Battle Against His Ex

In a rare win for the embattled actor, a Virginia judge says his $50 million defamation suit against Amber Heard can proceed in U.S.
Hollywood Leading Men

How Hollywood’s Blockbuster Golden Boys Went Weird

Hollywood has developed a leading man problem. And not just because the archetype—at least that singular, dashing, charismatic man we came to know on the silver screen—seems to have...

Lily Sheen Says Playing Nicolas Cage’s Daughter Is ‘Cathartic’ After Her Own Upbringing

"I was lucky enough to not have this exact upbringing, but having a dad that is Nick Cage, having a family member that is in the industry, it can be difficult,” actress tells LA Mag

Dee Wallace Celebrates ‘E.T.’ for Blockbuster’s 40th Birthday (Exclusive)

Perhaps the greatest of all Spielberg moms, and one of the world's top scream queens, Dee Wallace looks back at the magic four decades later

Ranking the 9 Hottest New Movies Streaming This Month

From Spiderhead to Beavis and Butt-Head

Mötley Crüe’s Story Gets Told Through Vince Neil’s Eyes and Ears in New Doc

"It's about him being a storyteller and getting him on-camera... he was very emotional and passionate about telling the truth," director Scott Sternberg tells LAMag

Netflix Axes 300 Staff Members in Latest Revenue-Related Bloodletting

The layoffs continue at the streaming giant after the company axed over 150 employees and contractors earlier this year

Cinespia Adds More Screenings to Its Summer Lineup (Exclusive)

The world-renowned experiential cinematic organization has added five more movies in July to continue its festivities

Are the Oscars Over?

Sinking ratings, shrinking movie stars, boring broadcasts, not to mention battles over its controversial new museum. And now a quota system that threatens to tear the Oscars apart. How the Academy Awards are struggling to get on with the show
once upon a time in hollywood

An Expert Dissects Once Upon a Time in Hollywood‘s Faux 1960s Movie Posters

The old Aquarius Theater has been plastered with posters from Tarantino's new film—we went looking for clues about its main character