Elon Musk Easily Beats Kylie Jenner for Wasteful Private Jet Trips

The Tesla CEO and space pioneer has reportedly been taking five-minute flights up the golden coast

How This Gin Company Is Helping Save California’s Coasts

Jan and Marsh Mokhtari founded Gray Whale Gin in 2016 with the intention of bringing “people together for good times” and doing “some good in the world”

Tom Selleck Accused of Wetting His Avocados with Other People’s Water

The water district near Selleck's ranch and avocado farm has filed a complaint saying he helped himself to 1000s of gallons that weren't his

California Just Hit Another Milestone That Mother Nature Is Going to Love

The state just broke its previous renewable energy record and edged towards 100 percent of its electricity demand
drought 2021

SoCal Gets Emergency Order to Limit Water Use During ‘Megadrought’

As California's drought worsens, the Metropolitan Water District has declared a water shortage emergency and implemented restrictions

Californians Ignore Newsom’s Plea to Cut Water Use Amid Drought

The governor previously pushed for the state to cut water use by 15 percent but Californians only saved less than one percent in February
Griffith Park

The Mountain Lion that’s Haunting The Hipsters

How did LA’s most celebrated cat end up in Silver Lake?
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L.A. Has a ‘Canopy Equity’ Problem. A New Program Is Setting Out to Fix It

L.A.’s uneven distribution of trees has been a ”chronic issue,” but an army of locals are becoming Tree Ambassadors to help the city's most sun-scorched neighborhoods

This Is What Sea Level Rise Could Do to Santa Monica Pier

A new report by Climate Central shows what will happen to coastal areas if carbon emissions aren't curbed
oil spill orange county

A Federal Lawsuit Has Been Filed in the O.C. Oil Spill

Records show that the outfit in charge of the ruptured oil line has a history of violating safety and ecological regulations