The Traditional Way of Thinking About Schools is Failing Us

That’s why Jay Matthews came up with the Challenge Index, which ranks schools on more than simple stats. He explains the method behind his list

What Makes a School Dynamic

The best high schools don’t make it easy for students. They’re not supposed to. But they should make it educational and, above all, inspiring

The LAUSD Has the Keys to an MRAP Tank

Remember that military vehicle cops in Ferguson got flack for displaying following the shooting of Michael Brown? L.A.’s school district has one, too

Ivory Freeman Gives Hope—and Prom Dresses—to L.A.’s Underserved Girls

The founder of the Bessie Morris Foundation teaches leadership skills to inner-city kids

Kathleen Kim Speaks for Local Victims Without a Voice

The Loyola Law School professor, a member of the Los Angeles Police Commission, studies human trafficking

Follow The Leader

While there are many programs aimed at helping impoverished kids, none is like Young Eisner Scholars. Providing personal instruction and even health care, former entertainment mogul Eric Eisner seeks to place students from L.A.’s poorest schools into some of its most exclusive. The results? Spectacular

Jay Mathews Schools Us on Education Research

A Q&A with the expert, who ranks 75 Los Angeles County high schools in the September issue

CityTicker: 7 L.A.-Specific School Supplies

Because only an Angeleno would need an I’ll-Be-Back pack
John Deasy

The Takeover Artist

John Deasy is either visionary or delusional, a savior or a Soviet era-throwback. But as head of L.A.’s schools, he has one of the toughest jobs in America

How Biola University Is Out to Prove That It’s No Old-fashioned Bible School

The school’s blending of faith and knowledge in subjects ranging from biology to filmmaking is its primary draw, but it’s also what keeps the university from getting the academic recognition that it craves