A Radically Reimagined Historic Memorial in Little Tokyo

A book that honors all Japanese Americans incarcerated during WWII is a living memorial to the past and present
teenage runners on track

High School Athletic Trainer Charged With Sex-Related Counts on 10 Teen Girls

Richard Alexander Turner is facing more than 15 felony counts, including forcible rape, sexual penetration of an unconscious person and sexual penetration by use of force

New California Laws On Ghost Guns And School Start Times Begin July 1

The laws stem from the 770 bills that were signed in October by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Venus Williams On L.A.’s Healthcare and Homeless Crisis: We Must Keep Talking About It

”It's so important to talk about these topics because if we're not talking about them, then we can't address them,” tennis champ tells LAMag

Dr. Feelgood: ‘Bad City’ Exposes Secret Life of Scandalous USC Dean

The Dean of USC’s Keck School of Medicine had it all: $1 million salary, sterling credentials, and lucrative research grants. But when a troubled 22-year-old overdosed in a Pasadena hotel suite the 66-year-old had booked for them, Dr. Carmen Puliafito’s double life as a meth abuser and drug procurer should have ended his career. But it didn’t. Not until a relentless Pulitzer Prize–winning reporter, battling USC, the Pasadena police, and his own newspaper’s editors, finally broke the story.

How EntreNous Helped A Compton Student Transition From Hopeless to Hopeful

“I think EQ Office can make a good impact in L.A. by continuing to open their doors to other youth," former student tells LAMag

UCLA Brings Back Indoor Mask Mandate Amid Surge in COVID Cases

The SoCal university has announced that they will, once again, be requiring students to wear masks indoors

Poll Shows More Californians Doubt the Value of a 4-Year Degree

A majority still think post-secondary institutions aren't totally worthless, but 60 percent think CA’s public universities are unaffordable

The Mystery of the Missing Public School Students

Cityside Column: A statewide tumble in enrollment prompts a search for answer and options

Why California Middle School Kids Can’t Count

An analysis conducted by EdSource indicates that Golden State eighth graders are performing at a fifth grade level in math