unemployed americans getting back to work

Millions of Americans Are Unemployed. What Are Their Prospects for Getting Back to Work?

As economies begin to open up, experts are assessing the potential pitfalls for people looking to reenter the job market
indoor dining

Indoor Dining and Other Activities Are Now Allowed in L.A. and Neighboring Counties

The Red Tier phase of reopening can begin on Monday, March 15
covid-19 death race black people

In L.A., Race and Income Remain Major Factors in Coronavirus Deaths

Black and Latino Angelenos are dying at higher rates than their white neighbors

These Four Factors Help Explain L.A.’s COVID Surge

False positive tests, delayed vaccine, and extra-contagious strains matter, but they don't fully explain how we got here
grocery store workers coronavirus

Here’s What the Pandemic Has Really Done to L.A.’s Economy

A new report details how the pandemic has impacted the region–and who has been hurt the most
rent tenant eviction

A New Study Says 3.5 Million California Households Can’t Cover Basic Needs

According to the United Ways of California, the problem is particularly dire in L.A. County
westwood neighborhood council ucla

Tuition at University of California Schools Is Going Up

A plan approved by the UC Board of Regents increases tuition and fees for incoming classes at a time when many say students can't handle the burden
bottle shops liquor store

Bottle Shops and Liquor Stores Had a Big Year, but What Happens When Things Go Back to Normal?

When bars closed, specialty liquor shops and wine stores were saving graces. As bars prepare to reopen, store owners hope their new customers will stick around

A New Economic Forecast Predicts California Will Lead U.S. COVID Recovery

The country is poised to bounce back fast, but California's rebound will be even faster, UCLA economists say