Gurus or Quacks? Why Crypto Influencers are Facing Major Backlash

Ben Armstrong, an Atlanta YouTuber, has become a financial guru for over a million subscribers. But is he a crypto sage or an Bitcoin quack?

California Will Allow Cryptocurrency Donations To Political Campaigns

On Thursday, California lawmakers changed regulations that prohibited candidates at the local and state level from accepting cryptocurrency

Viral Tweet About Low Texas Gas Prices Sends Californians into a Frenzy

When a reporter tweeted that gas prices in Texas had dipped below $4, several Californians—and CA haters—jumped to share their grievances

California’s Minimum Wage to Hit $15.50… Due to Inflation

Governor Gavin Newsom announced Thursday that the state's minimum wage will increase to $15.50 an hour in January

How Will Ukraine-Russia Crisis Affect California? You GASsed it…

The growing crisis has already contributed to a rise in gas prices throughout the state and country

U.S. Inflation Hits a 40-Year High After a 7.5 Percent Rise

Consumer demand and supply chain limitations skyrocketed prices in January
rent tenant eviction

A New Study Says 3.5 Million California Households Can’t Cover Basic Needs

According to the United Ways of California, the problem is particularly dire in L.A. County
westwood neighborhood council ucla

Tuition at University of California Schools Is Going Up

A plan approved by the UC Board of Regents increases tuition and fees for incoming classes at a time when many say students can't handle the burden
bottle shops liquor store

Bottle Shops and Liquor Stores Had a Big Year, but What Happens When Things Go Back to Normal?

When bars closed, specialty liquor shops and wine stores were saving graces. As bars prepare to reopen, store owners hope their new customers will stick around
indoor dining

Indoor Dining and Other Activities Are Now Allowed in L.A. and Neighboring Counties

The Red Tier phase of reopening can begin on Monday, March 15