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The Food Event: Meet the Chefs – C.J. Jacobson

Girasol's top chef busts out the brown butter

Boiled, Steamed, or Pan Fried? A Guide to Chinese Dumplings

Dumpling pro Ker Zhu of Mason's Dumpling Shop walks us through the particulars

Essential T: Foie Gras Tacos at Chef Wes Avila’s Guerrilla Tacos

Street food meets fine dining at the celebrated food truck
baroo canteen los angeles

Baroo Is Coming Back (Briefly) Next Month

The beloved restaurant returns for a limited run
La Monarca

After Almost a Decade, La Monarca Bakery Is Still Stepping Up L.A.’s Pan Dulce Game

With its seventh location just opened in Highland Park and more in the works, the Mexican bakery continues to grow and innovate

The Original Ramen Burger Is Now Serving Ramen…in Bowls

The late-night weekend special includes tonkotsu and torigara options
Food Events

Chef Ray Garcia’s Broken Spanish Will Speak L.A.’s Mother Tongue: Mexican Cuisine

The former Fig chef joins the city’s Alta California stars in the cocina as he takes over the former Rivera space

Chef Phillip Frankland Lee’s Tips for a Tasty Vegan Thanksgiving

Keeping it real is the key to a delicious meatless holiday spread