Yogi Bhajan

Yogi Bhajan Turned an L.A. Yoga Studio into a Juggernaut, and Left Two Generations of Followers Reeling from Alleged Abuse

A revered yoga figure's legacy is being reevaluated as former followers come forward with allegations that they endured relentless sexual, emotional, and physical abuse

The Gangs of Echo Park

Echo Park is a place where stops signs tagged “ExP” (Echo Park Locos) and “CRS” (The Crazys) share blocks with happy hour chalkboards hawking “PBR”

The Queen of Florencia

A mother of four, Arlene Rodriguez lived a double life as the first female shot caller for the Florencia 13 Gang, and a real estate agent

How a CHP Sting Operation Uncovered a Massive Network of Motorcycle Thieves

When L.A.’s street bike culture started making motorcycle theft a major problem, the California Highway Patrol devised an undercover operation. Then things really spun out of control

‘Questionable Activity’ Closes Sixth Street Bridge for 3rd Straight Night

After two previous closures, LAPD tweeted that the bridge would be shut once again due to the late night antics that have made it famous

How Murderess Clara Phillips Became “Tiger Girl”

Love gone wrong turned a former chorus girl and film extra into a cold blooded killer.

Why You’re Far More Likely to Be Murdered in Fresno or Bakersfield than San Francisco or L.A.

Fox News and GOP politicians blast Democrats for rising crime rates. But a surprising new study finds that murder rates in many red states are far higher than most blue ones.

In One of L.A.’s Most Outrageous Murder Cases, a Rattlesnake Was the Weapon

In 1935, Robert S. James became L.A.’s worst husband
san bernardino gang shootings

A ‘Serial Killer’ Gang’s Shooting Spree Has San Bernardino Cops Asking the Public for Help

“There are people out there that saw these homicides...we need those folks to come forward”

How a 13-Year-Old Boy Brought Down L.A.’s Most Notorious Serial Killer

In 1985, James Romero’s harrowing brush with the Night Stalker led to the killer’s capture