mass shooting 8chan

Another Mass Shooting Is Being Linked to an Online Forum where White Supremacy Thrives

8chan has become a sounding board for mass shooters—and even its founder wants it to be shut down
jacob wohl

Right-Wing Hoaxster Jacob Wohl Surrenders to Authorities for Massive Robocall Scam

The 22-year-old from Riverside is accused of orchestrating a misinformation campaign to discourage Michigan Democrats from voting by mail

This May Be the Last Authentic Zoot Suit in America, and It’s Heading to LACMA

The museum will put the $78,000 garment on display in April
lady gaga dog walker

Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Describes His Harrowing Recovery

Following his initial release from the hospital, Ryan Fischer had to be readmitted because his lung kept collapsing

Coronavirus Has Put the Brakes on Robert Durst’s Trial

Accused of killing friend Susan Berman, the real estate heir will reportedly return to court in April

While You Were Sleeping: Vermin in the Trees, Jewel Bandits in Jail, and an Asian Man in a Wig Who Wants Your Wallet

From odd to awful, a selective lineup of this week’s illegal incidents organized by neighborhood.

Hot Fuzz: The Only Thing More Mesmerizing Than TV Car Chases? YouTube Car Chases

The video-sharing site is loaded with first-person LAPD cop car chases that rival Grand Theft Auto. We’re guilty of watching more than our fair share, but here are two of our favorites

How the New Police Commission President Plans to Keep the Peace

Crime and police shootings are on the rise, causing friction between the LAPD and the people it serves. Matthew Johnson wants to change that

Who Murdered UCLA Medical Center Nurse Melanie Howell?

The details of the case that haunts retired detective Cliff Shepard

The Hugo Problem

He was L.A.’s most prominent male feminist, a professor of gender studies who used his online presence to burnish his reputation. Then Hugo Schwyzer’s bad behavior—sex with students, substance abuse, and a chilling act of violence—came to light, and Twitter took him down