How Bad is Crime in L.A.?

Barbed wire at The Grove. Home invasions in Hollywood. Smash mobs at CVS. Are we just being paranoid, or is the city really falling apart?

New Crime Stats Revealed: Homicides in Los Angeles Soared in 2021

The city recorded 397 murders last year, and LAPD also shot more people than in previous years

The Assassination of Drakeo the Ruler

After surviving a lifetime of brutal obstacles, the dazzling 28-year-old rap star was stabbed to death by a backstage mob just as he was about to take center stage. I watched it happen.
robert durst

An Affair to Dismember: My Two Decades Covering Robert Durst

Journalist Lisa DePaulo spent years covering the case of the infamous millionaire murderer—then she became a witness at his trial

Valentina Orellana-Peralta Becomes 1 of 18 LAPD Shooting Deaths This Year

Officers have reportedly shot at least 38 people, 18 fatally —including the shooting Sunday of a man with a knife—in 2021

Murder, Escape, Cover-Up? The Bizarre Mystery of Missing Mom Heidi Planck

A 39-year-old Westside mom at the center of a Wall Street scandal disappeared from her townhouse in October setting off a massive police hunt. Here’s what we know so far

The LAPD’s Policy of Collecting People’s Social Media Info Is Raising Eyebrows

Department records are raising questions about surveillance tactics and how officers are using civilians' info
stealthing bill

California Is Set to Become the First State to Outlaw ‘Stealthing’

A bill lawmakers sent to Gov. Newsom's desk will make California the first in the nation to outlaw nonconsensual condom removal
arthur j williams

The Outrageous Story of How Arthur J. Williams Jr. Went from Cash Counterfeiter to Gallery Owner

The man notorious for flawlessly replicating the 1996 $100 bill is now a prolific artist with a space on Melrose Avenue. His message? “People can change”
ed buck jackie lacey

Notorious WeHo Political Donor Ed Buck Found Guilty of All Charges

A jury decided Buck was responsible for supplying the drugs that killed two men and several other crimes