Soft Core

For almost two years, downtown commuters crawling along the Harbor Freeway each day have been treated to a nifty sideshow

Cleaning House

For struggling home owners, options are few and help is hard to find. But for the businesses profiting off them, the boom has begun

Toy Story

How El Segundo-based Mattel managed to help consumers forget why millions of its products were recalled last year

Planet Urth

Shallom and Jilla Berkman opened their first Caffé to make the world a better place—honest to God. Four locations later? Ka-ching!

Second Helping

How the two guys who founded California Pizza Kitchen kept their unlikely partnership—and their company—alive

Will the Man Behind the Grove Remake the Rest of L.A. in His Own Image?

Developer Rick Caruso’s knack for building high-end shopping centers is matched only by his ability to pour on the charm

Grateful Dead

Marilyn Monroe has endorsed cars. Humphrey Bogart's face is on slot machines. Fred Astaire has danced with a vacuum. W.C. Fields sells everything. These stars may be among the dearly departed, but they're earning more money than ever, thanks to the strange but lucrative business of deceased celebrity licensing

Morning at the Farmers Market

As a massive shopping mall rises around them, Farmers Market habitues like Paul Mazursky, Selma the Mayor, Dr. Helen, and The Loudmouth hold court

Amoeba Takes L.A.

What the legendary Berkeley store’s move to Hollywood really means

The Price Is Right

Why Wall Street loves Dave Gold's 99 Cents Only empire