Miniso’s Hip Twist on the Dollar Store Has Made It a Hit in Southern California

The Chinese variety store is set for a big U.S. expansion

After a Night of Looting, Melrose Business Owners Survey the Damage

Cleanup is underway on the small business-packed commercial drag
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How L.A.’s Pot Czar Is Bringing Order to the Wild West of Weed

Twenty-seven-year-old Cat Packer organized against the drug war—and now she wants to help diversify cannabiz
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The RealReal Is Reeling from Reports that Fake Goods Are Slipping Through

In the wake of an IPO, the RealReal is struggling to scale up without losing customer trust. Can the company stay a step ahead of savvy knock-off artists?

Well Paid

How Occidental Petroleum, a company used to keeping a low profile, found itself in the center of a shareholder revolt

Planet Urth

Shallom and Jilla Berkman opened their first Caffé to make the world a better place—honest to God. Four locations later? Ka-ching!
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What Happens When a Restaurant Stops Accepting Cash?

San Francisco, Philadelphia, and New Jersey are moving to ban card-only restaurants, but their ranks are growing in L.A.
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Clothing Stores, Florists, and Other California Businesses May Be Able to Open as Soon as Friday—with Restrictions

Governor Gavin Newsom announced on Monday that the state is on schedule to begin phase two of the reopening process
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Jeffrey Epstein Once Claimed He was Scouting Tesla Chairmen for Elon Musk

The L.A.-based car manufacturer has denied any connection between Musk at the convicted child sex predator