Titanium Crypto CEO Admits $21 Million Investor Swindle

The founder of Titanium Blockchain is facing hard federal time after using investors’ money to pay for his luxurious Hawaiian abode

Irv’s is Back: Beloved WeHo Burger Stand Returns After 4-Year Hiatus

Everything old is new again—beginning July 1, Sonia Hong is back serving old-timers and new customers at Irv’s Burgers.

Create and Cultivate Is Bringing ‘IRL’ Networking Back to L.A. This Weekend

The female focused conference will host several celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Winnie Harlow, Ashley Greene, Arielle Vandenberg and Deepica Mutyala

Elon Musk’s Pizzeria Power Play

Amid his takeover of Twitter and juggling fallout from Space X incidents, the billionaire apparently still has his sights set on an L.A. landmark

Bowing to Elon Musk, Twitter Lets Him Access its Tweet Stream

In an effort to salvage the Elon-Twitter acquisition, the social media platform has agreed to provide Musk with access to billions of tweets

June Diane Raphael Kicks Off L.A. ReferHer Program With Dinner for Women Entrepreneurs (Exclusive)

“We are pitted against each other our entire lives… we have the power to let go of that and collaborate,” the actress told LA Mag

Why the Activist CEO Will Endure Even With Pressure to Take A Stand on Socio-Political Issues

Guest Column: The corporate leadership paradigm may be uncomfortable for some current and future chief executive officers—but it seems it’s not a temporary expectation of the job

Uber Will Treat Hiring As A Privilege Says Uber in the Rideshare’s Strategy Memo

As the company pivots away from growth and towards earnings, it will be hiring less drivers and being ”hardcore” about how it spends

From Bud to Bloom, L.A. Women Lead A CBD And Mushroom Revolution

A former ’Dukes of Hazzard’ star leads a growing community of females taking their seat at the multi-billion dollar wellness table
elon musk bel-air houses

The Elon Musk-Twitter Takeover Tale Just Took a Sharp Turn And Here’s Why

New reports revealed that the Tesla CEO's $43 million bid for a hostile takeover was rejected.