Chanel’s Revamped Beverly Hills Flagship Opens

Architect Peter Marino reimagined the Rodeo Drive original to create the largest Chanel location in the U.S.

Yeezy Break-Up Leaves Adidas With Potentially Historic Loss

The German sportswear company may see its first annual loss in 31 years after parting ways with Ye, aka Kanye West

Microsoft Will Axe 10,000 Employees for Fear of Economic Gloom

Tech giant Microsoft will fire five percent of its global workforce by summer, catching up with the rest of the industry

Ticketmaster’s Taylor Swift Mess Is So Bad, Even Congress Noticed

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Jeff Bezos Will Give Most of His Fortune to Charity… He Promises

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Kanye West Is No Longer a Billionaire, Thanks to His Sickening Racism

Fast-falling, former-mogul Kanye West lost $1.5 billion after spewing violent hate against Jews, who he blames for all his sad problems

Misers Rejoice at Netflix with Ads, But It Comes with Costs of Its Own

Netflix is offering a less expensive tier with the ads you love so much from regular TV, but it’s got drawbacks as well

Jelly Belly Founder Is Going All In on NFT Jelly Beans—That You Can Breed

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A View From the Top!

L.A.’s billboards aren’t getting any smaller—they just seem that way. Revisiting the golden age of in your face

Titanium Crypto CEO Admits $21 Million Investor Swindle

The founder of Titanium Blockchain is facing hard federal time after using investors’ money to pay for his luxurious Hawaiian abode