8 Books You Need to Read This March

There's poetry, memoir, Hitchcock, and a new T.C. Boyle novel—is March spoiling us? You betcha

Battle of the BDSM Novels: Master of O vs. Fifty Shades of Grey

Before there was Christian and Ana, there was the Story of O. Author Ernest Greene reimagines the bondage classic from the other side of the whip

Between the Covers with Publisher Benedikt Taschen

Taschen has, at 40, won a reputation two parts risqué and one part Rizzoli
los angeles public library fines

Los Angeles Will Soon Scrap Late Fees for Overdue Library Books

It’s part of an effort to make libraries more accessible for all Angelenos

Now Read This: The Week’s Best New Books

Top titles hitting bookshelves the week of October first

Holy Moly

The aha moment for Seth Grahame-Smith came when he was greenlighting documentaries for TV. “I was sitting on the wrong side of the desk—all these writers were pitching me,”...

New Reviews: April

American EdenBy Wade Graham(HarperCollins, 480 pages, $35)We are what we plant, L.A.-based writer Wade Graham posits in his history of gardens. When he isn’t explaining the economic and cultural...

Michael Connelly’s Novel Approach to Crime in L.A.

The writer on his most famous character, nobility, authenticity, and L.A.

July Releases

Desert Reckoningby Deanne Stillman(Nation Books, 320 pages, $26)It was 110 degrees on the day hermit Donald Kueck shot a deputy sheriff and disappeared into the High Mojave. This raven’s-eye...

Critic’s Picks: October

The world is ending on a regular basis these days—in fiction, at least. For this edition of Critic’s Picks, assistant book editor Jason Kehe reviews four new must-reads in...