How to Prepare for Your Mom’s Death (Even if She Isn’t Dying)

L.A. illustrator Hallie Bateman and her mother have created a funny, beautiful guidebook

The Reading List: August ‘13

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Cough Up Enough Cash and Michael Connelly Will Name a Character After You in His Next Novel, Which Basically Means You’ll Be on TV, Maybe

The Boyle Heights lending library Libros Schmibros is auctioning off naming rights on eBay
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How Well Do You Know Griffith Park? A New Guidebook Explores Its Every Nook and Cranny

Just in time for the reopening of L.A.'s trails, hiking expert Casey Schreiner releases the first in-depth guide to Griffith Park
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Stassi Schroeder Wants Women to Embrace Their “Basic Bitch” Tendencies

Sometimes you just want to talk about The Bachelor. This Vanderpump Rules star gets that.

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Five Questions for Ramona Ausubel

Her lauded debut novel, No One Is Here Except All of Us, put Ramona Ausubel on the literary map. Her second book, A Guide to Being Born (which came out May 2), explores the world in the same fantastical way.

Three Questions For Diana Wagman

The L.A. author, who says most of her characters contain elements of herself and that her screenplays read more like novels, discusses plot inspiration, Hollywood and being a mime.

7 Books You Need to Read This September

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