bruce nauman los angeles

Why an Artist in a Skin-Tight Suit Is Posing on L.A.’s Public Sculptures

With Public Sculpture Archive, a pair of guerrilla artists have found a way to make you notice L.A.'s more obscure public sculptures
ramiro gomez

Ramiro Gomez Looks Into the Inner Lives of L.A.’s Laborers

The artist and former nanny has long put L.A.'s monied populations face to face with the people who serve them—now he's going deeper

George Takei Saves WWII Artifacts, Wins Award

The Japanese American National Museum is the new home of 400 Japanese American incarceration relics

Details on Gorgeous ’61 Rolls-Royce Gifted to LACMA

The museum has a new Silver Cloud Drophead Coupe
sara chao leiminspace chinatown souvenir

Artist Sara Chao Collects Souvenirs From a Life Spent in L.A.

In her show at Leiminspace, you'll find Super King receipts instead of Hollywood Boulevard trinkets

Street Art Spotter: Calvin and Hobbes is ALL Heart

Although Bill Watterson hasn't created original panels of Calvin and Hobbes since the mid-90s, the mischievous, spiky-haired hero of the comic strips still speaks to children and adults alike.

100 Things You Can Do for Free in L.A.

Because in a city with $18 cocktails, we must find balance

Street Art Spotter: A Writer in Hollywood Refuses to Go Unnoticed During Oscars Season—and Beyond

WRDSMTH is a breath of fresh air in the world of stencils, wheatpaste, and deep thoughts

Framed: Bottles and Cans, Tortilla Makers and Paintbrushes, Scraps and Bottlecaps are All Part of the “Empire of Love”

The artist known as Shrine has built a monumental shack in the lobby of the Craft and Folk Art Museum

Studio Tour: Artist Yoskay Yamamoto’s North Hollywood Garage Wonderland

Yoskay Yamamoto's work is featured at the JANM’s Giant Robot Biennale