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Bringing Care to the Homeless Pets of L.A.

Many dogs currently living in L.A. shelters are going weeks or months without a walk or any time outside; the Melrose Vet is helping end this

$17K Bounty Offered in Deadly Dognapping; Stray Rescued from Zoo Apes

A shelter is offering a reward for the arrest of a dognapping monster, and a lost pup wandered into the gorilla habitat at the San Diego Zoo
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‘Hank the Tank’ Is Actually Three Bears

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There’s One Way to End ‘Hank the Tank’s’ Reign of Tahoe Terror, Expert Says

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A Dog and Cat Bill of Rights Under Consideration in California

The "Dog and Cat Bill of Rights" would provide the animals with seven fundamental rights including freedom from exploitation, cruelty, neglect, and abuse

L.A.’s $650 Million Zoo Makeover Sparks Backlash From Environmentalists

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L.A. Zoo Is Launching an Ambitious Plan to Conserve Wildlife—and at a Crucial Moment

Biologist Jake Owens gives us a sneak peek at the zoo's new conservation strategic plan, which tackles environmental justice, the illegal animal trade, and more