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Andersen’s Pet Shop

2218 Honolulu Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 91020


The problem with pet stores is that they tend to be claustrophobic and smelly, or more often they’re soulless corporate outposts where the staff affect the torpor of a sad chinchilla…

Website: http://www.andersenspets.com/

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Bischoff’s Taxidermy

54 E. Magnolia Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 91502


When Fido passes on to that dog park in the sky, you can cremate him or bury him—or you can take his body to Bischoff’s Taxidermy…

Website: http://bischoffs.net/

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Cat Hotel

1807 W. Magnolia Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 91506


At the Cat Hotel in Burbank, felines get the kind of attention they demand of us at home: plenty of food, exercise, nap time…

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1532 Riverside Dr., Los Angeles, CA, 91201


At DaMoor’s, you can choose from nine kinds of stall bedding and 50 kinds of grain as well as joint formula, stock tanks, barn carts, cute English riding jackets…

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7680 Clybourn Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 91352


Their vets have altered 69,000 felines since 1999 and they also offer guidance for trapping and rereleasing feral cats.

Website: http://www.fixnation.org


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7515 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90036


You love your four-legged friends and have countless iPhone shots of them mugging in various states of cuteness. Why not preserve their likenesses with professional studio portraits?

Website: http://www.furtographs.com/


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Jim’s Exotic Fish

630 N Sepulveda Blvd # 14A, Los Angeles, CA, 90245

(310) 322-3474

Sea anemones gleam with health at Jim’s Exotic Fish, where the saltwater offerings are impeccable and the array of freshwater fish is vast.


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Karma Rescue

1158 26th St., Los Angeles, CA, 90403


The nonprofit, which has placed more than 1,000 purebreds and mutts in permanent homes since opening in 2004, offers standard services like behavioral evaluation, microchipping, vaccinating…

Website: http://karmarescue.org/about_us/contact_karma_rescue.htm

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Kennel Club LAX

5325 W. 102nd St., Los Angeles, CA, 90045


The Kennel Club LAX gets our vote. It caters to cats, dogs, and exotics…

Website: http://kennelclublax.com/

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Maxwell Dog

12332 Ventura Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 91604


When shopping for a mattress fit for a Maltese, L.A.’s pampered-pet owners might try the Wagging Tail on Montana Avenue or 3rd Street’s Chateau Marmutt. But…

Website: http://www.maxwelldog.com/

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Mystic Koi & Water Gardens

1250 W. Arrow Hwy., Upland, CA, 91786


At Mystic Koi & Water Gardens (open since 1996), the fish sell themselves, gliding through the water in five modern display ponds in an attractively landscaped garden…

Website: http://mystickoi.com/

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NKLA West L.A.

1845 Pontius Avenue, West L.A., CA, 90025

(424) 208-8840

Caring for cats and dogs at this well-maintained adoption facility offers ample emotional returns

Website: http://nkla.org


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Nysa Hill

11582 Lerdo Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 91344

Animal boarding simply doesn’t get better.


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Omar’s Exotic Birds

8729 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90069


If there’s such a thing as a bird boutique, Omar’s Exotic Birds in West Hollywood is it…

Website: http://omarsexoticbirds.com/

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Pussy & Pooch

564 S. Main St., Los Angeles, CA, 90013


Pussy & Pooch might take up a corner of skid row, but it’s as hip as a Cedd Moses enterprise, boasting a food bar, the latest accessories, a potty station (we kid you not), a gourmet food store, and a bathhouse.

Website: http://www.pussyandpooch.com


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