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Best of LA: Eat

“No Name” Club

432 N Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90036

(323) 651-1583

If you’ve spooned buttery corn risotto while watching Jackson Browne coo sweet nothings or popped salty beads of salmon roe between your molars in time with Twin Shadow’s synthesized drums, then you’ve been to the club that goes by “No Name.”


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1250 S. Fair Oaks Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 91105

Today Brady Weise shakes up cinnamon syrup with pineapple, grapefruit, and cranberry juices.

Website: http://www.theraymond.com


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8700 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA, 90048


At A.O.C. Christiaan Rollich’s salad-in-a-glass comes in a vodka version but tastes just as fresh with chamomile tea, basil, arugula, jalapeño, cucumber, and lime.

Website: http://aocwinebar.com

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Aladin Sweets & Market

139 S. Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 90007

At Aladin Sweets & Market, folks stop in for glasses of milky tea with honey-dipped fried pastries, though savory dishes are the main draw.

Website: http://www.aladinla.com


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All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

465 S. La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90048

(310) 246-5551

Let go of any misgivings you have about buffets: the steaming vats, grisly carving stations, hepatitis C. TRES BY JOSÉ ANDRÉS at SLS Beverly Hills pulls off a $42 brunch spread without a lick of ick. Andrés’s approach might best be called minimalist. Quail eggs accompany sliced-on-demand Russ & Daughters smoked salmon. Crab claws are […]

Website: http://slshotels.com/beverlyhills/dining/tres/

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435 N. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 90036


At their still-unmarked Fairfax enclave, Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo have maintained—even honed—their knack for rejiggering comfort food into balanced, thoughtful dishes that leap with spurts of acid and fat.

Website: http://animalrestaurant.com

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Babita Mexicuisine

1823 S. San Gabriel Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 91776

Nestled in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it suburban storefront, San Gabriel’s Babita Mexicuisine finds the gracious middle ground with such daintily presented dishes as green cilantro margarita sorbet and tequila-soaked salmon sopes.

Website: http://www.babita-mexicuisine.com


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Baco Mercat

408 S. Main St., Los Angeles, CA, 90013


Josef Centeno’s umlaut-bedecked flagship has all the Moroccan bistilla and Provençal brandade you could want, and the menu weds Catalan, Italian, and Abkhazian ingredients.

Website: http://www.bacomercat.com


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5850 S Eastern Ave, Commerce, CA, 90040

(323) 725-1429

Masters of Mexican barbecue, or barbacoa, know that the best meat is roasted in an underground pit. But try telling that to the health department. Former engineer Paco Perez, chef-owner of AQUI ES TEXCOCO in Commerce, invented an oven that mimics subterranean cooking. The result is succulent lamb barbecue flavored with century plant and avocado […]

Website: http://www.aquiestexcoco.com/

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Bea’s Bakery

18450 Clark St., Los Angeles, CA, 91356


Part cookie, part cake; sort of Jewish but kind of Italian—the black and white is a New York deli favorite that has enthusiastic fans in the west.

Website: http://beasbakery.com/


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Grand Central Market, 317 South Broadway, Los Angeles, CA, 90013

(213) 625-0304

For the record, the café and butcher shop was making bone broth before it was trendy—“when it was still just on vinyl,” jokes head butcher Jered Standing

Website: http://www.belcampomeatco.com/restaurant/los-angeles/

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Belly & Snout

974 S. Western Ave, Koreatown, CA, 90006


Named for the pig parts that make up its signature dish, Koreatown’s Belly & Snout is not for the meat-shy

Website: http://www.bellyandsnout.com

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7807 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90036

(323) 932-1142

Lately we’ve seen renewed interest in the brownie’s nutty, cocoa-free cousin. Connie & Ted’s dessert menu has a knee-weakening version à la mode, but CAKE MONKEY BAKERY gets our top vote. Its dense, pecan-studded square is as salty as it is sweet and crowned with a layer of toffee.

Website: http://cakemonkey.com/

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Boa Steakhouse on Sunset

9200 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90069


We appreciate a nice patio as much as the next Angeleno, and the one at Boa’s new flagship ranks among the area’s loveliest

Website: http://boasteak.com

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Bottega Louie

700 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 90017


Downtown’s most popular breakfast, lunch, and dinner destination is an Italian restaurant, high-end patisserie, and cocktail dispensary rolled into one.

Website: http://www.bottegalouie.com

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Breakfast Sandwich

143 S La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90036

(323) 939-0151

Ooey-Gooey flavor-bomb egg sandwiches are la mode, but at the Sycamore Kitchen, Quinn and Karen Hatfield have come up with a stacked morning meal that’s as approachable as it is craveable. For their SCRAMBLED EGG AND CHORIZO SANDWICH, fluffy eggs, melted Swiss cheese, house-made chorizo, and roasted onions unite in one supersavory bite after another. […]

Website: http://www.thesycamorekitchen.com/

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