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“No Name” Club

432 N Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90036

(323) 651-1583

If you’ve spooned buttery corn risotto while watching Jackson Browne coo sweet nothings or popped salty beads of salmon roe between your molars in time with Twin Shadow’s synthesized drums, then you’ve been to the club that goes by “No Name.”


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1250 S. Fair Oaks Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 91105

Today Brady Weise shakes up cinnamon syrup with pineapple, grapefruit, and cranberry juices.

Website: http://www.theraymond.com


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64th Annual Pacific Palisades Fourth of July Parade

15777 Bowdoin St., Los Angeles, CA, 90272

The 64th Annual Pacific Palisades Fourth of July Parade, featuring “the Beav”…

Website: http://palisadesparade.org


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A Club Called Rhonda

3040 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90026

It’s all about dance-floor desegregation, with legendary DJs and about-to-blow-up acts attracting a diverse crowd.

Website: http://www.rhondasays.net


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Academy Cinemas

1003 E. Colorado Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 91106


L.A.’s second-run cinemas are predictably seedy: One projects movies on a too-small screen, another’s toilets are consistently broken…

Website: http://regencymovies.com/

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Adamm’s Stained Glass Studio & Art Gallery

1426 4th St., Los Angeles, CA, 90401

This lively gallery off the 3rd Street Promenade showcases fragile masterpieces of more than 175 glass artists from North America.

Website: http://www.adammsgallery.com


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Alibi Room

12236 W. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90066


A Korean-Mexican dungeon, this dark funky bar has full menu of delicious fusion dishes like kimchi quesadillas and galbi tacos for soaking up their lemongrass caipirinhas.

Website: http://www.alibiroomla.com/home.php


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Aloud at Central Library

630 W. Fifth St., Los Angeles, CA, 90071


The place that connects audiences with local authors, journalists, scholars and experts in their field…

Website: http://www.lfla.org/aloud

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AMC Loews

1441 3rd Street Promenade, Los Angeles, CA, 90401


For new parents, arranging for a baby-sitter just to catch a flick can seem as complicated as planning a trip abroad…

Website: http://amctheatres.com

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Americafest 2012

1001 Rose Bowl Dr., Los Angeles, CA, 91103

(626) 577-3100

The Rose Bowl, which has dubbed itself “America’s Stadium,” honors the birth of our nation with the all-day extravaganza Americafest 2012…

Website: http://rosebowlstadium.com

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American Cinematheque

6712 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90028


Established in 1981 to celebrate the art of the moving picture, the American Cinematheque presents a range of films from American classics…

Website: http://www.americancinematheque.com

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Amoeba Music

6400 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90028


They’ve just added a goth section at Amoeba Music, giving the best record store in Southern California a brand-new kohl-eyed pout…

Website: http://www.amoeba.com/

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Aquarium of the Pacific

100 Aquarium Way, Los Angeles, CA, 90802


The puffins invariably draw a crowd, as do the psychedelic sea jellies, the Tolkienesque sea dragons, and especially the touching ponds…

Website: http://www.aquariumofpacific.org

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Armadillo String Quartet

Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90005

“People expect the unexpected from us,” says Steve Scharf, second violinist of the Armadillo String Quartet…

Website: http://www.armadillostringquartet.com/

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Automobile Driving Museum

610 Lairport St., Los Angeles, CA, 90245


If you want to understand why cars end up in museums in the first place, motor to the Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo, where docents take guests for a Sunday spin in one of the 130 restored vehicles from the collection.

Website: http://www.automobiledrivingmuseum.org


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Autry National Center

4700 Western Heritage Way, Los Angeles, CA, 90027


The Autry National Center offers a look at the American West with ongoing and special exhibitions for all ages…

Website: http://theautry.org

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Baby Loves Disco

4500 Los Feliz Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90027


Best of LA, October 2008Because so many TV and movie crew members call the San Fernando Valley home, neighborhoods there are expert at playing dead: Front yards feature creatures on hydraulics, intricate light shows, “live” ghouls, scary sound effects, and professional stuntmen. One area i

Website: http://babylovesdisco.com

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Bacaro LA

2308 S. Union Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 90007


About as far as possible from Culver City—the wine bar capital of the region—Bacaro LA stands in the most incongruous of neighborhoods, West Adams, where it attracts Korean businessmen, downtown loft dwellers, and USC students…

Website: http://www.bacarola.com/

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