Best Organic Produce Delivery

sommelier_p Photography courtesy flickr/Secret Tenerife

If you want some vitamin C with your breakfast, Paradise O will have Kaweah nectarines on your doorstep before you step out of bed. The other benefit of early-morning delivery is that perishables are kept from sitting on the porch all day. The quality is exceptional: Even the outermost stalk of celery has serious crunch, and the white corn pops with sweetness. The Long Beach company offers $25 and $35 samplers or à la carte shipments and will also pick up empty containers for reuse.

San Francisco-based Organic Express ships all the basics for a healthy kitchen at close to farmers’ market prices: 15 varieties of fruits and veggies for $29. Crisp romaine, buttery potatoes, and other staples arrive each week at the peak of ripeness, supplemented by fancier items like mangoes and pluots. While the ingredients themselves are simple, each box comes with a sheet of storage tips and a recipe for exotic creations like cantaloupe sorbet or quinoa pilaf with apricots. Subscribers can add other organic groceries to their order, including breads, soy milk, and dried fruits and nuts. 

After 18 years, the folks at Diamond Organics know how to pack a box. The $69 package is stuffed with shredded paper and ice bags and comes via FedEx instead of local van. Superripe cherries and pears arrive alongside leafy staples like fresh herbs, spinach, and kale—not to mention a greens cooking guide. The Monterey-based company sells everything from organic skin care products to family-size lasagna dinners.

The Farmer’s Cart is a family business that supplies Silver Lake, Los Feliz, downtown, and Pasadena with gourmet items like Kabocha squash, portobello mushrooms, and Canadew melons. Sign up to receive $29 or $39 boxes filled with fruits and vegetables chosen for their ripeness and accompanied by a recipe. Expect a call from owner Curtis Steinbeck, checking to see if each basil leaf was to your liking.

L.A.’s own PAPA’s Organic drops off brown paper bags brimming with alfalfa sprouts, beet greens, and exotic citrus for $30. The produce in the former co-op’s Chop-N-Pack mixes has been washed, cut, and wrapped—ready for a stir-fry or lunch sack. Subscribers pick how often they want delivery and can swap paper bags for more eco-friendly duffles.