Best MOCA Store Finds

Museum shops, with their mix of the classy and clever, are one-stop gift solutions. We favor the Euro smart-meets-L.A. Quirkiness of the MOCA store (, which has something for every occasion.
1. The neighbor’s Dalmation never stops howling. The renter’s bichon fries executes sneaky squats on the front lawn. Bribe both with the My Sweet Dog Pull Toy from Yoshitomo Nara by Vilac. Good dog.
 2. Just because. The Devo Energy Dome, the headgear sported by the new wave band, always brings a smile to our faces. Channel that good-time feeling with a replica signed by the band, or pick up the unsigned one that’s cheaper.
3. Your boyfriend has joined the ranks of the inked and is still smarting from the needle. Nothing says “feel better soon” like the Encyclopedia for the Art and History of Tattooing by Henk Schiffmacher, aka Hanky Panky.
4. The colorful pills (we suspect they’re sugar) from artist Dana Wyse will “cure” whatever ails your inner circle. Pick up a packet to “Understand Contemporary Art Instantly” or “Act Normal Around Your Ex-Hubby’s New Boyfriend.”