Random Bike Laws

We read the fine print so you don’t have to

Photograph courtesy Flickr/ Dan4th

NO. 1:  Future X-Gamers, Beware 
In the City of Baldwin Park, riding a bicycle in a swimming pool is against the law.

NO. 2: Show Me Your Papers  
Bicycling residents of Santa Monica can be asked by police to prove they have a valid bicycle license or face a fine of $10.

NO. 3: No Sweat  
An L.A. municipal code mandates that new office buildings larger than 10,000 square feet must include bicycle parking and employee showers.

When texting while driving was banned in L.A. in 2008, bicycling was removed from the language of the law, making texting while riding legal.

NO. 5: Concrete Reasoning
While some cities prohibit riding on sidewalks in certain districts, most allow it if the cyclist rides slowly and courteously.

NO. 6:  Crossing the Line 
Drivers are allowed to curse at cyclists, but once insults turn into threats of violence, the act is considered a crime.