Pack Mentality

Every morning of the week, in every part of the city, organized groups of road cyclists roll out in brightly colored convoys. From the Filipino-flavored Adobo Velo to the gay-friendly Different Spokes, there’s a club for all styles and skill levels

Photograph by Dustin Snipes

Open Arms
Since 1945, the Los Angeles Wheelmen have pedaled through our streets. The recreational club, whose members aren’t interested in competing, hosts a beginner ride one Sunday a month as well as weekly rides that explore the Valley, the South Bay, and Griffith Park. Bring cash—the group likes to stop for lunch. » $20 for one year.

Girls Only
A subset of the popular L.A. Tri Club, the TriChickslead an all-female peloton into the Santa Monica Mountains on Saturday mornings. The beginners, dubbed “the Happy Rollers,” don’t ride as far or climb as steeply as the race-hardened veterans. The TriChicks also organize runs and mountain bike rides. » $70 for one year.

The Shark Tank
Velo Club La Grange is L.A.’s premier road-racing team. The Friday morning meet-up is geared to newbies, but otherwise the group rides in tight quarters with lightning speed (think the Tour de France). Just what you’d expect from a club that counts former national champions as members. » $70 for one year.