Admission Accomplished: Words of Advice From College Students

What do (fairly) recent high schoolers have to say about making it into college? We sought the hard earned wisdom of our interns for tips for kids and parents alike

Brace Yourself
“Parents and kids have to expect that it is going to be a tough process and know that they may need to cut each other slack when decision time comes. Don’t take things too personally.”
Jessica Rice
Colgate University Class of 2016
English and Political Science

Take Two
“Many of my classmates who took both the ACT and the SAT did significantly better on the ACT or vice versa. It’s important to know which test presents you in the best light.”
Jennifer Tehrani
USC Class of 2015
Public Relations

Start Touring
“Begin visiting colleges your freshman year. It will give you inspiration and help narrow down the kind of school you are interested in early on.”
Shelby Wax
Scripps College Class of 2016
English major with a Media
Studies minor

Invest Early
“My friend hired a college consultant in the eighth grade to help attain her goal of going to George Washington University as a political science major. Her consultant helped her structure her whole high school experience to attain that goal.”
Jennifer Tehrani
USC Class of 2015
Public Relations 

Find a Mentor
“Seek out teachers, coaches, family friends, counselors, et cetera, who can give advice and help keep things in perspective when you’re stressed about your future.”
Julia Herbst
Oberlin College/Oberlin Conservatory Class of 2015
Biology and Jazz Bass Performance

Know Thy Limits
“Don’t just follow your classmates. If two AP courses is your max, honor that. Supplement that lack of a class with an extracurricular.”
Leila Elihu
Boston University Class of 2015
Cultural Anthropology