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Must Do: Clearwater Farms

Of the many fabulous farmers’ market vendors, mushroom whisperer David West, who owns Clearwater Farms, impresses with his selection culled from Northern California foragers

Must Do: Decorate a Rose Parade Float

Watching motorized floral creations make their way down Colorado Boulevard is a time-honored New Year’s Day tradition. Bringing one to life is even better

Must Do: Autry National Center

From Pueblo pottery to John Wayne movies, this 26-year-old museum showcases the history of the American West

Must Do: The Dresden

Share a tune with Marty and Elayne, the jazzy pair who’s been performing here for 32 years

Must Do: Dugout Club at Dodger Stadium

This could be our World Series year, so get close

Must Do: Hollywood Forever

Our Père Lachaise is the finest place to watch John Huston’s classic (he’s buried at the cemetery) or any of the flicks projected on Rudolph Valentino’s mausoleum nearly every Saturday night in the summer.

Must Do: Runyon Canyon

The 160-acre park offers Hollywood types and packs of smelly canines, but stick with it for the killer city views

Must Do: Sail the Santa Monica Bay

Fresh air, the open water, and the same view of the coastline (minus the Ferris wheel) that Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo had in 1542

Must Do: San Antonio Winery

Five generations of Italian vino makers have filled the casks at San Antonio Winery since 1917

Must Do: Sullivan Canyon

Most of L.A.’s birds—and there are thousands—live like elves in the urban foliage. They twinkle for a moment, then disappear