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Hudson House

Photograph courtesy hudsonhousebar.comThe South Bay’s lively singles scene has always made it a haven for bars. Lately the sweaty dens of hip grinding and sweet-and-sour mixing are being replaced by thoughtful joints slinging...

Apple Restaurant & Lounge

Yes, it’s part of a nightlife complex that includes the Pussycat Dolls Lounge. But with Bryan Ogden, son of James Beard award winner Bradley Ogden, in the kitchen, Apple has some culinary cred. The über-upscale atmosphere—two...

Church & State

Illustration by Jessica BooneSteven Arroyo’s latest—easily his best since Cobras & Matadors—brings the nouveau French bistro trend downtown. On the ground floor of the Biscuit Company Lofts, with high industrial...


Delanceypappardelle bolognesepiccataPhotograph courtesy Delancey

Back Story: Hard Drive

In 2001 traffic was the same obvious and exasperating fact of L.A. life that it is today. (Ok, maybe not quite the same.) Yet the more we considered the subject for the magazine, the more a mystery it became. Barring accidents, why was one commute a breeze on Wednesday, and a crawl on Thursday? Why did the creation of a new freeway lane offer zero relief for congestion? Did physical laws exist that could explain traffic flow, just as gravity explains river flow? What we found was that CalTrans District 7, some 6,000 square miles of roadway all of us drive, has become a laboratory for traffic engineers. Tens of thousands of sensors embedded in our freeways generate traffic loads of data every minute, streaming numbers that are studied by engineers attempting to understand what L.A.’s freeways are telling the world about the future of congestion. And what were the numbers saying in 2001? The same thing they are today: Everything we know about traffic is wrong.

The Stork

Photograph by Edmund BarragnolottiPhotograph by Edmund Barr


Photograph courtesy of SashiMetlox Plaza, 451  Manhattan Beach Blvd., Manhattan Beach (310-545-0400 or sashisake.com). L-D daily. Full bar. JapanesePhotograph courtesy of Sashi

Kitchen 24

Photograph by Edmund BarrTailor-made for the Cahuenga Corridor clubbers, Kitchen 24 serves refined American diner food on a classic diner schedule. At midnight, duck into one of the white leather booths for...

The Beachcomber

Photograph by Edmund Barr You can’t ask for a better view, at the base of the Malibu Pier, and the room’s cute, an upscale version of a crab shack with a fake...

LoterĂ­a Grill

Photograph by Edmund BarrIt’s risky—opening a brick-and-mortar version of a beloved open-air food stall. Does it work? Sí. The new Lotería Grill took everything we love about the Farmers Market...