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Did Adele Really Halt Her Vegas Shows Over COVID?

’Sources’ say the superstar postponed her Las Vegas residency because she was unhappy with the production, and not due to the troublesome virus

Daily Brief: Child COVID Hospitalizations, Bob Dylan Sells Masters

Also, Amy Schneider beats Matt Amodio's streak on ‘Jeopardy!’ and makes history as being a contestant with the second-most consecutive wins

NBA Player Jaxson Hayes Charged with Domestic Violence, Resisting Arrest

The New Orleans Pelicans center has been charged with domestic violence, resisting arrest, battery against a police officer, among other counts

Peloton’s Appearance in ‘Billions’ Premiere Marks Second Ill-Fated Cameo

In the Season 6 opener, one of the Showtime series' central characters suffers a heart attack after riding a Peloton bike

L.A.’s Estimated $477 Million Super Bowl: Here Are the Big Winners Off the Field

The NFL's championship promises to drop a windfall worth hundreds of millions on Los Angeles

L.A.’s Neighborhood Style: Hittin’ the Streets for the Latest Trends

Here’s what people are wearing in Los Angeles right now

Fox News Doesn’t Want You To See Its Latest Interview With Donald Trump

Why was Sean Hannity’s off-the-wall exchange with 45 mysteriously 86’d?

Daily Brief: Thierry Mugler Dies at 73, LAUSD Requires Non-Cloth Face Masks

Also, the historic Grandmaster Recorders in Hollywood, where musicians like David Bowie and Kanye West have recorded hits, has been transformed into a restaurant, lounge, and rooftop bar

Hollywood Brief: Robert Pattinson Gets Cloned, ‘J6’ Insurrection Movie Is Coming

Plus, Joshua Jackson joins Lizzy Caplan in "Fatal Attraction" series and Ralphie is back for "A Christmas Story" sequel

What To Stream This Weekend: ‘Ozark,’ ‘How I Met Your Father’

The best TV shows and movies coming out this week