Street Scene

  • Banksy


    Banksy is a lot like the Pink Panther, if the Pink Panther had a spray can and a message


  • Street Scene: Restitution Press

    Street Scene: Restitution Press

    “It’s still the Wild West out here and I love that anything is possible,” says Ryan Graeff


  • Street Scene: Invader

    Street Scene: Invader

    Invader is in his own league, or galaxy. The French artist leaves his mark by putting up mosaic aliens- every one unique in pattern


  • Street Scene: Swoon

    Street Scene: Swoon

    Swoon takes life size images of personalities that she designs and then posts them up on walls with a flour-based adhesive- a process called wheat pasting


  • Street Scene: Blek le Rat

    Street Scene: Blek le Rat

    Banksy admits that his tricks are old news compared to those of the French artist Blek le Rat


  • Street Scene: Anthony Lister

    Street Scene: Anthony Lister

    Anthony Lister’s work reflects his Australian childhood growing up on American TV. So for the Brisbane native, stopping in Los Angeles means coming right to the source