Stair Walks

Many Los Angeles neighborhoods with steep streets are laced with networks of public stairways. A guide to some of our favorites

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Illustration and Type by Peter Hoey

In the spring of 2006, I was scheduled for my third spinal surgery in three years. I was in constant pain, unable to run, jog, or even stand for more than a few minutes at a time. The closet was full of hiking shoes and tennis rackets I couldn’t use. The calendar was full of movie openings, museum exhibitions, and cocktail parties I couldn’t attend. Surgery was the only option. But walking eased my discomfort a little. I started slowly—a block at a time. Soon I was up to a half mile. After a month, I added some hills. Then I began to explore the staircases… Read more 


  • giantsteps_b

    Giant Steps

    423 Stairs
    This section of Echo park used to be so loaded with Left-brained folks like Woody Guthrie…

  • cycleway_b


    328 Stairs
    At Via Marisol and Monterey Road in Hermon (near Highland Park) walk along Marisol toward…

  • rusticcanyon_b

    Rustic Canyon

    315 Stairs
    The 4th Street stairs are famously crowded with social climbers, but Santa Monica’s best staircases…

  • edendale_b


    567 Stairs
    In Silver Lake walk south on Glendale Boulevard from Silver Lake Boulevard, toward downtown…

  • laloma_b

    La Loma

    480 Stairs
    This tree-lined excursion is perfect on a hot day in Pasadena…

  • castellemmare


    396 Stairs
    For this Pacific Palisades outing trek north on the beach side of Pacific Coast Highway… 

  • hightower_b

    High Tower

    211 Stairs
    From Highland Avenue near the Hollywood Bowl, walk up Camrose Drive. Turn right…

  • glendower_b


    574 Stairs
    High above Los Feliz Boulevard, at the end of Berendo Street, an artfully designed staircase…

  • fofprimer

    Flights of Fancy

    Six more stair walks worth noting