Sex in L.A.


It’s been a couple of millennia since the Roman Empire’s carnal heyday, and we still don’t understand sex. Why do lovers grow bored in bed? Why do celebrities like to film themselves getting it on? And why do so many women want to sleep with David Spade? You’ll find answers inside, along with confessions from swingers, virgins, porn-star hubbies. We even sent out our mild-mannered writer to learn a few new tricks. You’ll laugh, you’ll blush, your jaw will drop. So get out the rubber suit and hang on tight…

    • top10Mex

      The Don Juan of Our Time

      A clever move? A foolproof line? A hidden power? For 25 years, the author has wanted to know how his high school classmate, David Spade, became the world’s greatest ladies’ man


    • spanglicious

      The Celebrity Sex Tape and The End of Imagination

      A mix of porn and predation, self-promotion and self-immolation, videos of famous people getting it on have become part of the mainstream. The sex is usually so-so, yet we keep on watching


    • borderguard

      From Hot to Not

      Long-term couples aren’t the only people who see their passion fade over time: The change is just more noticeable


    • kitchenstars

      My Life as a Very Naughty Boy

      Writer Joel Stein sets out to expand his horizons—or at least pick up a trick or two—in the city’s erogenous zones