Plastic Surgery in L.A.

How it feels, how it looks, what it costs, and who’s getting it


The New L.A. Ideal


  • The Perfect Woman
    The image of the torpedo-topped, Beverly Hills trophy babe as the stereotypical plastic surgery patient is about as dated as a Patrick Nagel print. So long, Pamela Anderson. Bienvenidos, Sofia Vergara.

  • The Perfect Man
    Men are getting sucked into select procedures—usually when they can’t suck it in (or grow it back or exercise it off) anymore. Here’s a roundup of guy-specific procedures.


options, options


  • Face
    A real-life, real-time account of what it’s like to get L.A.’s fastest face-lift

  • Skin
    10 things besides Botox you can stick in your face

  • Teeth
    An addiction to cosmetic enhancements might start with a craving for pearly whites

  • Below the Belt
    Yep, there are even procedures for the naughty bits

  • Procedures du Jour
    Express breasts! Pixel-perfect jaws! A way to wider eyes!


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