Manson Murders

In the July issue of Los Angeles magazine, writer Steve Oney offers a chill­ing oral history of the Charles Manson murders, which terrified Los Angeles 40 years ago next month. Read the full story and learn more here


In “Manson: An Oral History,” those involved in the murders and their aftermath—Manson’s followers, the cops, defense attorneys, and the prosecutor—reconstruct the crimes and speak to the terror they struck and the scars they left on the city


PLUS: Read exclusive selections from Steve Oney’s interviews with Vincent Bugliosi, Michael McGann, Catherine Share, Barbara Hoyt, Steven V. Roberts, and more, only on

  • From the crime scene to the prison and from the time of the murders to today, the dates and places of interest in the Manson Murders

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  • Los Angeles magazine published this fearful story in October 1969, just two months after the Tate and LaBianca murders shocked L.A. 

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  • Nearly twenty years after the Manson Murders, a string of satanic killings brought fear of the Family back to L.A.

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