Let’s Do Brunch

From gooey pastries to towering Benedicts to stiff daytime cocktails, we present a weekend’s worth of indulgence

Photograph by Andrea Bricco

The original fusion cuisine, brunch had this city sliding fried eggs onto steaks and pairing chicken with waffles long before we ever thought to shove Korean beef into a tortilla. The prized weekend ritual is also a celebration of leisure. It’s an occasion designed for us laid-back Angelenos who have no qualms about snoozing through the first half of the day and rewards such loafing with powdered sugar and endless flutes of champagne. Want a Cobb salad at 9 a.m.? Syrup-drenched brioche at 3? Vodka with all of it? No problem. Where breakfast is all about efficiency and anticipation of the day ahead and dinner can be an overstuffed grand finale, the L.A. brunch exists entirely in the moment and encourages you to linger there as long as you please. In that relaxed spirit, we offer our guide to the city’s finest brunching destinations, where the only rule is deliciousness.