Fire Season

Although there is much that can be done to prevent and prepare for future blazes, fire has claimed large portions of Southern California. These articles recall the local landscapes that have been lost and shed light on what we can expect next



The Burning Wind
Every autumn the Santa Anas come howling in from the desert, initiating L.A.’s cataclysmic wildfire season under crystalline skies. How severe L.A.’s wildfires will eventually turn out to be still waits on the wind Read


By Dave Gardetta 


  • In the Line of Fire

    Los Angeles sees more wildfires than any other city in the United States. When Griffith Park went up in flames and parts of Los Feliz were evacuated, a long-forgotten threat to the city came home Read

  • Postscript: In the Line of Fire

    When we sat down at the magazine to talk over the idea of a story about Southern California’s wildfire season, we knew very little about the subject… Read  


  • Things They Lost in the Fire

    Four generations of Lombardis had lived in the tiny red house in Saugus. The buckweed blaze took it all away  Read

  • hiddencafe_pr1

    On the Roadhouse

    The Hidden Springs Café has been lost to the Angeles National Forest fire. We dubbed the family-run homestead the “ultimate rest stop” in this 2001 review Read