Edible Gardens

An urban dweller’s guide to cultivating vegetables, fruits, and (a sampling of) livestock

Not since Laura Ingalls Wilder made farming every city slicker’s dream have we pursued living off the land so intently. We’ll show you that you don’t need a prairie to grow fantastic crops yearround (a front yard will do) or a hundred acres for an all-you-can-eat orchard. If you play it smart, and we’ll tell you how, you can even keep a few barnyard animals–and not have the neighbors storming the gates.

Best of LA: Food

The Front Yard Is the New Back

Can’t hide the vegetable patch? There’s nothing wrong with going public

A woodsy fragrance—what the cedars of Lebanon must have smelled like—drifts into my living room. I realize it’s coming from the mulch in my new vegetable garden. Like others I was swept up in the if-Michelle-Obama-can-wield-a-shovel fever… Read


  • Plantopias

    Eight nurseries that are produce standouts

  • Sweetening the Pot

    On a hilltop in Brentwood, a fruit fancier reaps the rewards of a half acre filled with trees

  • Extended Family

    One Pasadena homestead embraces the hooved and feathered elements of life on the farm

  • Animal Rites

    The feeds and other needs of a farmer’s friends

  • Not Your Old MacDonald

    With the proper care, some barnyard residents can transition to city dwellers

  • The Pros to Know

    The picker/preserver, composter, and beekeeper keeping local gardens a cut above

  • Sprout This

    We’ve known folks who collect seed packets as art, but it’s the little lumps inside that are the big draw