We may not be able to predict when the Big One will hit, but one thing is certain: It’s coming, and with advances in seismic mapping, researchers have a good idea of how things will shake out

Shock Absorber
Lucy Jones, a fourth-generation Californian, is Caltech’s go-to quake expert whose calm presence soothes us when the earth moves. The Big One? It’s coming


  • The Big One

    We regret to inform you but it is no myth

  • The Basics

    The Basics

    The whys and wherefores of earthquakes

  • Earthquake Maps

    Earthquake Maps

    A sampling of what has been assembled by scientists

  • Ready to Rumble

    Ready to Rumble

    Five key earthquake questions asked and answered

  • Watch the Waves

    Watch the Waves

    Predicting quakes is the holy grail of seismic research. Still, there’s been progress

  • mannystasteoff

    Learning More

    Fundamentals, earthquake history, and California’s possible earthquake future

  • Earthquake

    Earthquake Prep 101

    The Time To Get Ready For the Big One Is Now