Chinese Food

It’s not that we don’t love a crispy egg roll. But this city is home to the nation’s largest, most authentic array of Chinese food. Herewith are our favorite dim sum dishes, a guide to our Chinese-foodiest street, and our picks for L.A.’s top restaurants
  • chinesefoodTH

    The Top 10 Chinese Restaurants

    From finger-licking-good Dungeness crabs in Rosemead to the crunchiest shrimp toast in Beverly Hills, here are Patric Kuh’s picks for Far East eats


  • SesameStreetTh

    Seasame Street

    No city’s Chinatown—not even our own—comes close to Valley Boulevard in the San Gabriel Valley for the scope of Chinese regional specialties


  • TeaTh

    Cup of Joy

    White, green, black, and oolong, Chinese tea—or cha—is much more than a beverage


  • WestwardHoTH

    Westward Ho!

    It’s been asked a thousand times, even by us: Can you find great, authentic regional Chinese food outside the San Gabriel Valley


  • hotboxTh

    Hot Box

    The San Gabriel Valley gives Little India a run for its money when it comes to mouth-puckering heat


  • dimsumcartTH

    L.A.’s Finest (Fantastical) Dim Sum Cart

    Hong Kong’s gift to brunch, dim sum is a noisy, tea-soaked smorgasbord delivered to your table by stainless steel carts trailing billows of steam


  • kungpaokosherTh

    Kung Pao Kosher

    Comedian, celebrity roast king, and L.A. resident Jeffrey Ross demystifies The Jewish-Chinese food connection


  • twochinatownsTh

    Two Chinatowns

    Yang Chow’s slippery shrimp still beckons, but the area beyond the dragon gates is not the culinary destination of old


  • lastbiteTh

    Last Bite

    Fortune cookies? Oh please. Save room for shaved ice, frilly fruit tarts, and durian rolls


  • Plus

  • seasamestreetTh

    Push and Pull

    Jeffrey Yang at Mandarin Noodle Deli demonstrates his skill with three slurp-worthy noodle styles.


  • essentialsTh

    The Essentials

    Where to find the best dumplings, hot pots, and pancakes


  • flavorsourceTh

    Flavor Source

    See which regions some favorite flavors of Chinese food hail from