Best High Schools 2008


If you thought that picking a kindergarten was difficult, try choosing a high school. At least now you have a better sense of your child’s talents and needs. The challenge is finding the right match-academic, progressive, boarding, all girls’, or artsy-among the hundreds of public and private secondary campuses in Los Angeles County. To help with the search, we highlighted 47 exceptional schools.


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Best High Schools 2008: The Story Behind the Stats

So how did we choose the best high schools on this honor roll? The Academic Performance Index (API) scores range from 200 to 1000 and are calculated from the results for each school’s students on statewide tests


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    Best High Schools 2008: Private

    Many of L.A.’s independent prep schools can cost more than $20,000 a year, but in return they provide college-level courses, imaginative extracurricular activities, small class sizes, and numerous amenities. Here are the 10 that made our top tier.


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    Best High Schools 2008: Public

    Despite all of the bleak news about dropout rates and budget cuts, L.A. has many high-performing public schools whose college placement records are comparable to those of their private counterparts. Here are the 12 that made our top tier.


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    Best High Schools: Honor Roll

    There are more than 550 public and private high schools in Los Angeles County. Which one is right for your child?


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    Best High Schools 2008: Specialty

    Success isn’t always defined by who has the most AP classes or the highest test scores. Among L.A.’s finest schools are 10 that focus on a specialized curriculum or provide a nontraditional approach to how, what, and whom they teach.


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    Best High Schools 2008: Parents’ Guide

    Experts help parents navigate their kids’ teenage years with advice on social networking sites, time management, and sex.


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    All Geared Up

    How students wind down, get around, and stay connected