Your Guide to Krampus in Los Angeles


I feel like I just put away the Halloween decorations and here comes Krampus! The holiday seems to come earlier every year. Raconteur Al Ridenour is largely responsible for bringing the Alpine creature that travels with St. Nicholas and steals away bad little girls and boys to Los Angeles and the artist is hosting several events, including his sold out Krampus Ball, to celebrate. Revelers have already visited with the Christmas demon during a multimedia spectacular at the Goethe Institut, and enjoyed Glühwein and Bauernspiel at the Phoenix club in Anaheim, but all Christmas fear is not lost, there are still several chances to encounter the big hairy monster during high Krampus season. Hopefully you haven’t been naughty this year.

December 4
Krampus film opens in wide release

December 5
Krampus Ball at the Highland Park Ebell Club

December 10
Krampuslauf (Krampus Run) at Los Angeles Art Walk

December 12
Krampus at Alpine Village

December 13
Nikolausspiel, the traditional Austrian Folk Tale, at Church of the Angels

For the gift giver
Krampus greeting cards, sticker books, and playing cards have arrived at Wacko