Where’s the Beef? James Ellroy’s Favorite L.A. Spots for Steak


The writer explores the WWII era in his new book, Perfidia, out September 9 (and excerpted here!). He revisits his top picks for a great cut of meat

Pacific Dining Car
“It’s cavernous, it’s dark, and it’s extremely quiet. They detailed my car while I ate. They call me jefe, which I enjoy.”

Arroyo Chop House
“I drive the Arroyo Seco Parkway and pretend it’s 1941. The place has up-to-date decor but out-of-date food.”

Taylor’s Steak House
“When I was a minor miscreant, I was arrested for sleeping at a deserted house around the corner. Now I get to go to Taylor’s, overtip, and act like a big kahuna.”