What’s the scoop on the flying bull and maiden accompanied by dolphins at Sunset and Vine?

    A lot of folks drive by and don’t even notice this beauty and her beast. Turns out that the bronze rendering in front of the Chase Bank is The Flight of Europa, created in 1931 by Paul Manship, known for his Prometheus at Rockefeller Center. I asked Austen Bailly, a historian at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, what’s going on in the sculpture. “Zeus takes the form of a bull to seduce Europa,” Bailly says. “She sits erect on the back of this strapping bull. He carries her off to Greece, where they copulate.” Whoa! Too much information. When Chase bought WaMu in 2008, it inherited millions of dollars’ worth of mosaics and sculptures once owned by Home Savings of America, including this statue. Fine art hidden in plain sight.
    Illustration by Zohar Lazar