What happens to those streetlight pole banners–like the ones for Gustavo Dudamel’s new season at the L.A. Phil or for the Liz Taylor photo show at LACMA–when they are taken down? I’ve seen some really cool ones over the years. Are they made available to the public?


That “art in the streets” is created by local companies like AAA Flag & Banner and returned to the institution that commissioned it once the events are over. MOCA, LACMA, the Fowler, the Huntington, and the Bowers in Santa Ana sell their used vinyl through Betterwall.com. The Denver-based decor emporium has made a national business of it, offering L.A. exhibition banners touting Dalí and Magritte alongside a Rembrandt from the Art Institute of Chicago and a Seurat from MoMA. Impress your friends and tell them the Old Masters painted on plastic.

Photograph courtesy kerrykraft.blogspot.com