Warning Of The Week From The Queen Of Estate Sales


Los Angeles magazine writer Dave Gardetta profiled estate sale maven Cynthia Abernethy in our pages in 2010. I’m a big fan of her sales and attend regularly. She’s got the best houses, she’s always cordial and extremely fair to her regular customers. However, if you break her rules, the hammer comes down. This weeks’ choice quote from Cynthia’s email dispatch:

Hall of Shame

Well it would be easier to list the things that people did not do, because it was “One of those sales.” Lets start with Mr. Hothead in his blue Mini Cooper. Was upset because I opened 10 minutes late. Well excuse me…I was letting the deceased’s son and grand daughter (who drove most of the night to get there) a few more minutes to say good by to the family home. He also accused me of being on a power trip because I asked every one to find their place in line so I could start letting people in. Once again the coffee cups seem to be a problem…when you finish your coffee take the cup back to your car!

Last but not least if you think that there is a chance you are going to have a sudden attack of explosive diarrhea please get to the nearest restroom at a gas station. We do not enjoy cleaning bathrooms!

Photograph by Michael Kelley