Warning Of The Week From The Queen Of Estate Sales


Los Angeles magazine writer Dave Gardetta profiled estate sale maven Cynthia Abernethy in our pages in 2010. I’m a big fan of her sales and attend regularly. She’s got the best houses, she’s always cordial and extremely fair to her regular customers. However, if you break her rules, the hammer comes down. This weeks’ choice quote from Cynthia’s email dispatch: ”…Kids are not the only ones who need supervision at an Estate Sale. Your elderly parent may need watching too. When I was standing on the driveway I heard the low window in the master bath rattling. This room and the adjoining bedroom were off limits and had a large sign to this effect. When this elderly man climbed out of the window right in front of me I went ballistic. He responded with a blank stare. I continued yelling at him as he fled back into the house to reunite with his family. After I thought about it I realized he probably didn’t speak or read English, went into a room nearly empty and panicked. Don’t ask me why he climbed out the window.”