Warning Of The Week From The Queen Of Estate Sales


Los Angeles magazine writer Dave Gardetta profiled estate sale maven Cynthia Abernethy in our pages in 2010. I’m a big fan of her sales and attend regularly. She’s got the best houses, she’s always cordial and extremely fair to her regular customers. However, if you break her rules, the hammer comes down. This weeks’ choice quote from Cynthia’s email dispatch: “At the sale last Friday someone thought it would be OK to go in the yard of the next-door-neighbor and help themselves to a bunch of oranges from their tree. (since they were not home) Then they decided to try one on the spot, then throw the peels in the driveway. This is NOT cool, the person was lucky I did not catch them, stealing fruit is one of my pet peeves. A couple of years ago someone took all of my lemons that they could reach over the wall. This left me with 3. Also would have involved a large bag of some sort, VERY lucky that I did not catch them. This has stopped for the most part at my house after I put up a sign about treating them with experimental hormones. Bottom line if you want free fruit, grow your own.”