Warning of the Week from the Queen of Estate Sales


Los Angeles magazine writer Dave Gardetta profiled estate sale maven Cynthia Abernethy in our pages in 2010. I’m a big fan of her sales and attend regularly. She’s got the best houses, she’s always cordial and extremely fair to her regular customers. However, if you break her rules, the hammer comes down. This weeks’ choice quote from Cynthia’s email dispatch: “Wow that sale last week was really fun! Great stuff and great clients, can’t beat that. However we had a bit of bad behavior. It is NEVER alright to take down drapes or shower curtains. Also when sheets are new in the package, do NOT take them out. To the guy who loaded up a five gallon bucket with tools then hid it for 1/2 price on Sunday. Guess what…. we saw you. Wonder why the tools you hid were spread out all over the property and it would have taken you hours to round them back up. The look on your face was priceless when you saw they were gone.”


Photograph by Michael Kelley